Photo ID

Zebra Card Printers - from ID TechnologyAlong with a computer and a digital camera, our ID card print systems provide a highly integrated system to manage, print and encode your cards.

Choose from a selection of printers
with the industry’s most advanced card printing and encoding technologies, including
proximity cards, smartcards and magnetic stripe.

ID Technology is a partner of Zebra Technologies, the manufacturer of the most complete range of ID card printers avaialble.

ZXP Series 1

The entry level ZXP 1 is perfect for low volume card printing applications that need single side printing.

Compact in size and low in price, ZXP 1 is still able to produce clear, sharp images on your cards.

Options for the ZXP 1 include Ethernet connectivity and magnetic stripe encoding.

ZXP Series 3

ZXP 3 is in Zebra’s Professional Series of card printers. It can be configured for single or dual sided printing and can produce full color dual sided cards at up to 140 cards per hour.

As you’d expect from a professional level machine, as well as printing super quality cards, the ZXP 3 can also encode magnetic stripe cards and a range of contact and contactless smart cards.

ZXP Series 7

For medium to high volume applications, there is the Zebra ZXP 7. Single or dual sided print, with lamination – ZXP 7 has everything covered.

As well as all the usual contact and contactless smartcard encoding options, ZXP 7 is also available with the ability to encode EPC Global Gen 2 UHF RFID tags.

ZXP 8 Retransfer Printing

ZXP 8 Retransfer Card Printing

ZXP Series 8

The ZXP 8 uses Zebra’s retransfer printing technology which provides the best way to create exceptionally durable, full-bleed cards.

Instead of printing directly to the card (the process uses on the other Zebra card printers), ZXP 8 uses a transfer film to take the image to the cards.

This concept produces a printer with a simple path for the cards, where the two sides are printed simultaneously.

ZXP 8 can produce quality that approaches photo printing and has true edge to edge, full bleed capability.

Which Photo ID printer is best for you?

The ID Technology team in New Hampshire has a lot of experience in the ID card business. We’d be happy to work with you to determine which card printer and which configuration best fits your needs – both for today and to fit in with your future plans.

Photo ID Cards & Supplies

As well as the printers, ID Technology can provide you with all your cards, printing ribbons and other items (such as lanyards and clips) you might need for your organization.

Printed and Encoded Cards

ID Technology’s Card Printing Service provides professional looking cards without having to invest in your own printing system. Our staff is trained in the art of plastic card printing to deliver professional, high quality printed and encoded ID Cards.

The process starts with a blank card that can be printed with any combination of artwork, graphics, text, digital photograph, barcodes, logos, etc., limited only by the imagination.

How To Order The process is simple. Our ID Card Specialist will take you through the steps to creating the highest quality card for your specific requirements.

  1. Describe the function of your ID cards (visual identification, access control, level of security needed, etc.) This will help determine the type of card to use.
  2. You have choices on how you want your cards to look (portrait vs landscape orientation, logos, colors, photos, etc.)
  3. List the type of information you want on your cards (data, barcode, expiration dates, etc.)

ID Technology’s Card Printing Service Team will then create the layout and e-mail a proof of the card. Upon your approval, your ID Cards are printed, inspected, and shipped UPS standard.

A lot of organizations, from local police and fire departments to some of the largest schools and universities use ID Technology’s ID Card printing service.